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 Archetype Legend's REAL LIFE Card Trade Center

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PostSubject: Archetype Legend's REAL LIFE Card Trade Center   Archetype Legend's REAL LIFE Card Trade Center EmptyThu Sep 13, 2012 12:38 am

Okay, it may sound weird and all, but it's a new thing that I would like to try for anyone that has real yugioh cards in possession with them.

So how it starts out is that if you have cards to trade(in real life), you take pictures of lets say 5 or 10 cards a piece(all in one picture). If someone is interested in some of these cards, you can p.m. the person on dueling network on your free time(or here if you want to), exchange emails(addresses etc.), and send them across in the mail.

Sounds like it might have a few issues, i know, but it might help sending instead of boxes of cards, letters full of them.

Now, anyone who thinks this as ridiculous its fine to speak your mind. But hey, if anyone is willing to trade, why not go for it?

Whoever thinks it's a bad idea, that's fine. And feel free to speak your opinions. But I think it could work out in someways better than others. Hopefully, everyone here can be trustworthy of giving truthful information.
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Archetype Legend's REAL LIFE Card Trade Center
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