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 Nova Masters Academy chatbox's rules

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Nova Masters Academy chatbox's rules Empty
PostSubject: Nova Masters Academy chatbox's rules   Nova Masters Academy chatbox's rules EmptySun Sep 02, 2012 9:20 pm

1- No spamming: Please do not spam around. Spamming in the chatbox means,

"Do not post a long sentence in many enters. And it means do not spam around. Especially, when many members are around and you do not allow them to speak.

Spamming Penalty:

If you spam around the chatbox, there shall be a warning. If the member does not stop spamming, a second warning shall be sent. After that, if that members does not stop that and continues to spam, there shall a 2 days ban from the chatbox.

2-No bad language: Please do not use bad language around and do not post bad words like swearing or insults.

Bad language penalty:

If a member types bad words in the chatbox, there shall be a warning. And if the member does not stop, there shall be another warning to be send. If the member does not stop, the member shall be banned for 3 days.

3-Forbidden Pictures:

Please do not post pictures in the chatbox about porn or stuff like that.

Forbidden Pictures Penalty:

If a member posts in the chatbox any pictures of these, the member shall immediately get a permanent ban from the whole site.

I hope that our members could follow these rules. ^^

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Nova Masters Academy chatbox's rules
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