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 Slendermans results

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Slendermans results Empty
PostSubject: Slendermans results   Slendermans results EmptyFri Aug 31, 2012 4:41 pm

Deck Cards: 5/5
5/5 = 40-42
4/5 = 43
3/5 = 44-45
2/5 = 46-47
1/5 = 48 Or More

Card Knowledge: 5/10
- When you make mistakes with the rules you'll lose points here
- Be careful the tester has to do some mistakes in his duel to look if u will react to them, when you don't react to them, you will lose points.
U made many bad mistakes. so u didnt saw quilts 2nd eff, i was able to summon junk warrior with formula... so plz learn the rules better and concentrate more.

How You Handle Your Cards: 8/10
- When you play your cards in a way that works good, and when your combos are effective, you'll get points here.
I think u made everything that u can out of ur cards, but it just wasnt enough, so 8 here.

Deck Build: 7/15
- When you're deck works good and has some nice combos, you'll get points here, also how consistent you're deck is, is important.
- When you use a deck that you didn't build by yourself, you only can get 6 points here.
- >Note for tester<: When you don't like cards that your opponent played but when they are still effective the tested person will get points. (even when you don't like it)
- When you side good cards, you can get some Extra points here
This wasnt a good hero deck, it was very creative, but the creative parts, werent rly good.

How Do You Adapt To Cards Being Played: 3/10
- When you can react to cards that the tester plays good, you'll get points here.
U neva used any card that adapted to any of my cards. So the only adapting card i saw was magic cylinder so ill give u 3 points here.

Combos: 2/5
- When you use awesome combos you'll get points here.
Heros always have some summoning combos so 2 here...

Duel Results: 0/15
- For each duel that you won in your test you'll get 5 points here.


There are at total 70 points
68-70 Red Nova Dragon Dorm
58-67 points: Majestic Red Dragon Dorm
40-57 points: Red Dragon Archfiend Assault Dorm
0-39 points: Red Dragon Archfiend Dorm
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Slendermans results
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