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 EbilAiro deck shop!!!

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EbilAiro deck shop!!! Empty
PostSubject: EbilAiro deck shop!!!   EbilAiro deck shop!!! EmptyFri Aug 31, 2012 1:09 am

free deck when buying 2 decks or more (the deck free deck will be with 350 dp or less)

shooting star + red nova 500 dp

heros 350 dp

jurracs 450 dp

psychic 200 dp

yubel deck 250 dp

cloudians 300 dp

blackwing 400 dp

malefics 450 dp

sanctuary of the sky deck 350 dp

steel/evilswarms 400 dp

chaos ninjas 450 dp

quickdraw quasar 500 dp
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EbilAiro deck shop!!!
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