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 dannyboy863 test results

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dannyboy863 test results Empty
PostSubject: dannyboy863 test results   dannyboy863 test results EmptyThu Aug 30, 2012 11:29 pm

deck cards 2/5

only 1 deck was 40 card rest were 50+

card knowledge 6/10

your knowledge was ok although you missed a few things i did wrong on purpose

card handling 7/10
you were good at this especilly with your ast deck

deck build 9/15

the first two decks were ok but the last deck was awesome

how you adapt to cards being played 7/10

you did very well managing to stay alive a long time especialy during the first duel

combos 3/5

your combos were ok

games won/loss 5/15

you got 39 points just 1 more and then you could have gotten into assault mode dorm but nevertheless ur in red dragon archfiend dorm!
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dannyboy863 test results
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