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 TheDragonBlade1's results

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TheDragonBlade1's results Empty
PostSubject: TheDragonBlade1's results   TheDragonBlade1's results EmptyThu Aug 30, 2012 9:46 pm

Deck Cards: 0/5

The deck was 60.

Card Knowledge: 4/10

Your knowledge was not good at all. I used to cheat around him a lot using Pot of Duality and other stuff and he does not react to me and rather says, "k"

How You Handle Your Cards: 8/10

Your combos were nice and really effective. But sadly, you lost all duels so quickly in the first 5 turns.

Deck Build: 5/15

Deck Build was not nice. I saw the deck and it was 60 carded, has some useless cards. And the deck was not so good.

How Do You Adapt To Cards Being Played: 2/10

Very rarely when he reacted to me in some stuff using Dark Bribe. But most of the duel, was him drawing dead cards and me winning in the first 5 turns.

Combos: 4/5

There were some combos that I liked that had really good nice effect around the three games.

Duel Results: 0/15

I won all the three duels.


Congrats on making it to the Red Dragon Archfiend Dorm! cheers I hope you enjoy your time around here and try harder to get better. Very Happy

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TheDragonBlade1's results
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